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Wellness Journal For Men

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  • GUIDED JOURNAL 🦮 - Suitable for any man, from a plumber to a priest. Question prompts on each page, we do the talking you do the thinking. You can be confident that you won't struggle with what to write in this journal!
  • SIMPLE AND EASY 👌 - Get started quickly without needing a degree! Easy wellbeing check-in system and simple journal layout so you can tackle improving and understanding your mental health immediately.

  • REFLECTION SECTIONS 👀 - Regular goal and mood pages throughout, helping you increase your self-awareness and keep focused on the things that matter. WARNING: May cause you to achieve goals and live a fuller life!

  • NEW COMMUNITY 👂 - We're passionate about getting men thinking. We’ve worked with men over the past 2 years to understand what questions get them thinking. The result: A wellbeing journal that induces powerful reflective thought to improve your everyday life!

  • ACTIVITY PAGES 🚀 - Broaden your range of reflective thinking. From gratitude to meditation, we will keep you on your toes helping you stay engaged in your new habit.