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The story behind the journal

Hey there!👋
My name is Sean, founder of the Locker Room Journal, created to help men build resilient minds.

Locker room journal founder

Back in 2019 I heard a sentence that has changed my purpose in life, it goes as follows; “As a man, under the age of 45, I am most likely to die by killing myself”. Not all those things your parents say will kill you (I’m not that bad a driver, i promise) but it will be myself due to my mind.

This started my journey to try and help men from ever getting to the latter stages of poor mental health. I believe more can be done to help men build a proactive approach to express what's on their mind - before it's too late. 

Enter The Journal

Man with locker room journal  Locker Room Journal Man with locker room journal Man with Journal

Created to be the quickest and easiest way for men to start expressing what's on their mind, and understanding themselves. My mission is to create the largest community of men talking freely about what's on their mind. It can only take 1 event to flip your life upside down. I want this journal to have helped men get comfortable with expressing what's on their mind BEFORE this even happens, so they don’t bottle it up and end up in a dark place.

I want to thank you for visiting the site today and I hope you'll be the next to join our community.

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