3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Sometimes, for whatever reason, we hit that midweek slump. Maybe it's bad sleep, something happening outside of work, or because the sun is shining and all we can think about is a pint in a pub garden (let us out Boris!). However, when this happens, what things can you do to boost your productivity back to a winning level? 

Tip #1

Do the most important tasks when you’re at your best. 

If you are an early bird and the morning is when you are most alert and functioning, then don’t waste this time checking emails/slack/Facebook and doing the little things you could do with your eyes closed. Use this to do the most pressing tasks you have to do and use your energy on the things that matter. Similarly, if you work best in the afternoons, save your tasks for them and do your emails whilst you’re still waking up with your morning coffee. 

Tip #2

Focus on one thing at a time.

Most people hear productivity and think they have to do 4 million things at once to be more productive. When in fact, putting your energy into one thing at a time will yield more consistent and better results. Prioritise your list of to-do’s and then get after them, one after the other. 

Tip #3

Remove Distractions.

When we’re in a slump, it can be all too easy to start procrastinating and doing things checking our phone a billion times a day. To get back into the zone, remove these from happening. Mute those external notifications, hide your phone under your bed, or cancel that meeting that doesn’t really need to be a meeting. 

What do you do when you can feel your productivity dropping? 


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